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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who Am I ???

*I won more than half of my starts and never once failed to finish in the money during my two-year racing career.

*Never let go at odds of higher than 4-1, those highest odds came in the victory that defined my career.

*I did not mind ending the controversy one little bit.

*After my retirement, I lived a happy life that lasted longer than most Thoroughbreds live.

*My stakes wins were separated in distance by a quarter mile from one win to the other.

*I was ridden by the same Panamanian born jockey in every single race.

*I was not the most famous runner for my trainer who was an Ivy League graduate and a member of Racing’s Hall of Fame.

*My racing career was confined to three racetracks and only one state.

*I was retired in the midst of a five race winning streak .

*My biggest stakes win was also the most important victory of my lifelong buddy.

*As a very successful sire, I was known for my offspring excelling at a distance and on the turf.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


  1. I got to at least throw a guess in, based on the ending controversy clue....Closing Argument

  2. Closing Argument is incorrect, but...Stage Door Johnny sets of the bells and whistles...Winner, Winner! Tentcentcielo, you are the new man to beat. Well done, once again!!!

  3. How did you get it, Tencentcielo???

  4. Great job tencentcielo, you are on quite the roll, lol.

    Sorry I didn't get to guess Brian, my computer froze up on me during one of my searches :(