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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who Am I ???

*A Kentucky bred chestnut, my sire is in the Hall of Fame, although not the American version.

*I raced in two different countries, but all of my victories came in the United States.

*A stakes winner in six different states, I won more stakes in New Jersey than any other state.

*My conditioner won an Eclipse Award in my first season of racing.

*I never won a race at Arlington Park, despite being favored in each attempt there.

*Third time was a charm, as my most important victory came in a race where I had been unsuccessful twice before.

*I was true to my favorite surface, I never raced on anything else.

*Undefeated as a juvenile, I won four times in each season after that.

*I was ridden by the same jockey more than 20 times; the only time he did not ride me, I won a grade 1 in Kentucky.

*I went out a winner, as my final race was the greatest of my career.

*I currently enjoy life as a stallion, just outside of Lexington, Kentucky.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


  1. Crafty Shaw is a No.

    English Channel, however, is correct! That was fast ... well done Rachel!

  2. The HOF clue led me to Smart Strike who is in the Canada HOF. The second clue led me away from Curlin and towards EC. Also the two clues about third time is the charm and ending his career on a high note led me to the BC Turf. Finally his coat color led to my final answer.

  3. English Channel, I love that horse. I'm a sucker for chestnuts and Smart Strikes. Nice job Rachel.